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Builder Services

We understand the expense involved in the start-up of a Master Planned Development and pride ourselves in the ability to assist in the success and growth of an endeavor that creates immense value in our local Houston communities. 

We’re an established and recognized leader in our industry with a dedicated Builder Services department that’s backed by:

As part of our commitment, no operational costs are incurred by our building community partners until the first residential tap has been installed. In addition to having full access to our staff and services, all meetings and TCEQ inspections related to the development of a new district are attended by the appropriate Si Environmental personnel. 

Our Builder Services program offers:

  • A Complete Partnership with the entire Building Community (Developers, Builders, Plumbers, Sub-Contractors and Licensed Irrigators)
  • Builder Expo’s can be scheduled at any time and held for group or individual firms upon request. Education sessions to work along with the Building Community develops “Effective Communication” between all parties, reduces damages to District utilities, reduces backcharges to builders and reduces costs to the District for repairs
  • Complete TCEQ Plumbing Inspection Procedures
    • Pre and Post-Lot Builder Surveys with:
      • Digital images captured and stored for each property
      • Inspections to protect against damages to infrastructure
      • Repairs made on damaged infrastructure
    • Sanitary Sewer Inspections that ensure that direct sewer and water tie-in is completed in accordance with plumbing regulations and District guidelines
    • Customer Service Inspections performed on all properties before continuous water service is provided to ensure that cross-connections do not exist and are required before transfer of service to a new resident
    • Backflow Prevention Assembly Tests (BPAT) (as applicable)
      • Complete BPAT program in place with initial as well as annual tests as necessary based on device type or hazard
      • Full plan reviews to encompass new irrigation rules
      • Reduces water loss and potential cross-connections
    • Swimming Pool Inspections (as applicable)
    • Complete A/R Backcharge Program that protects the District’s interests and reduces expenses for damages caused by others. Monthly invoices and backup photos sent to responsible parties for all damages