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Operations & Maintenance Services

An Exceptional TCEQ Compliance Record For Over 10 Years & Counting

A Leadership team with 238 years of combined experience

24/7 continual operations, maintenance and customer service

24 Hour Emergency Response Center

A Comprehensive Fleet of Trucks & Equipment

An Emphasis & Priority On Training & Safety

Client Services

Dedicated Account Management is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. That’s why every client is assigned a dedicated account manager to allow:

  • Close collaboration with District Board of Directors and all of your consultants
  • Clear and transparent communications related to the operations performed and any issues that are encountered
  • Tailored contracts and processes to meet your needs
  • Standard and customized monthly reporting including:
    • Total service connections
    • Total water produced and/or purchased
    • Total water accounted for
    • Usage indicated by current customer billings
    • New tap and meter orders and installations
    • Summary of maintenance and repair by facility classification
    • The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) permit reports.
  • Effective delinquent processing including:
    • Performing turn offs according to the rate order
    • Delinquent letters generated in-house
    • Delinquent lists presented to Board of Directors for approval

Facility & Utility Operations

We’ve built an exceptional operational capability and compliance record in facility & utility operations. We’ve also been instrumental in implementing pilot study programs that raise the standard of first class operations. Our water & wastewater facility operational expertise includes:

  • Wide range of wastewater operational experience – 0.016 MGD-11.0 MGD
  • Surface water conversions
  • Numerous plant startups and expansions
  • Pre-purchase walkthroughs with TCEQ
  • Leak detection
  • Trenchless line repair
  • Pump & motor repairs
  • In-house Concrete and Landscaping Restoration

Preventative Maintenance & Utility Management

Over the past 10 years we’ve developed proprietary and proven preventative maintenance programs that are critical to operating client facilities efficiently and effectively. They include:

  • Smoke Testing
  • I/I Studies
  • Manhole Surveys
  • Manhole Sealing
  • Manhole Adjustments
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Value Exercising
  • Lift station cleaning
  • Tap & Grease trap Inspections
Customer interaction
SiEnviro Staff in field

Potential benefits of I/I studies include:

  • Electrical cost savings at wastewater treatment plant and lift stations
  • Reduced equipment failures
  • Identification of potential problems prior to major failure
  • Reduced violations
  • Reduced chemical cost
  • Reduced accidental discharges

Water & Wastewater Analysis

Each year we complete over 70,000 tests of water and wastewater systems. Testing of all Water and Wastewater facilities is performed at a frequency established by both the EPA and the TCEQ. In an effort to maintain transparency, we engage with third party laboratories which carry accreditation from the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Council to perform all of the required analyses.

Regulatory & Compliance

Our regulatory and compliance department is highly versed in appropriate procedures and reporting including:

  • Peer review and inspection of all facilities
  • CCR reporting
  • Accurate and timely filing of required reports to all local, state and federal levels
  • Safety and compliance tracking
  • Continual training of operational staff on new rules and regulations
  • FEMA reporting
  • Respected by TCEQ regulators in Austin as well as at the local level

Water Meter Reading & Auditing

We maintain all the  necessary fleet, equipment and staff to provide comprehensive water meter reading and auditing services to our clients throughout our Houston service areas. Our meter reading service has a 99.8% accuracy and encompasses all of the following:

  • Near real time reads captured via mobile devices with read analysis on site
  • Digital photos attached to customer accounts on exceptions
  • Previous reads not visible to meter readers
  • All reads audited for accuracy
  • All exceptions are reviewed and re-read if deemed necessary
  • Quality control reads performed by a supervisor
  • Reads are tracked to ensure we maintain the highest accuracy
  • View meter reads and usage online
  • View billing history online
  • Performed by in-house personnel for quality control and accuracy

Customer Care, Dispatch & Billing

Our Customer Care department provides fast and efficient service to your customers. We have managers on call 24/7 to assist with any issue that may need to be escalated to a higher level so that decisions can be made in a timely manner to enhance our superior customer service.

24/7 Emergency service hotline
24/5 Customer billing 
service line M-F
Immediate and direct communication with full Operations, Maintenance and Management teams
In-House Experienced Staff to manage Customers and Facility Management Calls from Remote Monitoring and SCADA systems
Email Response Services are available around the clock
Overflow calls are routed to dedicated trained personnel at local answering service provider for extreme circumstances to ensure all calls are responded to.
Emergency Response Team is on-site in Rosenberg 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist our customer base.
Call centre operators
SiEnviro Truck
SiEnviro Receptionist

Disaster Response


When disaster hits, our personnel are prepared and ready to respond to minimize the impact on our Houston communities. Our Director of Operations has trained in national National Disaster Response and Recovery programs and tested response and recovery plans by simulating hurricanes hitting the Gulf Coast. In addition, we’ve assisted in the development of several local Emergency Response Plans and have been involved in the Fort Bend County EOC MUD Awareness Program. Together with our National Incident Management System (NIMS) certified staff, we’ve developed response and recovery plans that include:

  • Registration as first responders with both the Fort Bend County EOC and Brazoria County EOC while working with Harris County EOC under their program.
  • Onsite generators to maintain critical operations
  • 4000 gallons of fuel storage onsite with additional fuel vendors for extended needs
  • Client data being backed up and stored at four (4) secured locations, including an out of state location
  • Rolling stock, personnel and supplies to effectively respond to any emergency
  • Established relationships with subcontractors outside of county assistance for additional support as needed